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Lead Generation is the only method that works to achieve the #1 spot in market share for every industry.
Lead Generation is a non-stop process. A company that stops lead generation will die a slow death. Once you know you have the right product, the right target markets, the right client fulfillment; then you can launch your lead generation engine and never stop.

Step 1: We brainstorm every single tactic known to attract business to your door. This includes messages, promotions, and media channels. Our job is to create a list to share our experience without any sense of limitation.

Step 2: Your employees will do exactly the same thing.

Step 3: We will combine and sort the lists into a media content and process plan. Media means the lead generation activity such as direct mail, internet, phone calls, etc. Content refers to the offer you’re making, the words you use, the pictures of the designed product, a letter, a brochure, etc. The process is the steps you take to implement the system. The media channels you select are important; the right choices will increase the value of every dollar you spend. We will consider reach, attraction, and cost in the selection process.

Reach – You won’t get new customers unless they know you exist. You need to reach out to them with a compelling idea. If you don’t reach sufficient numbers, your lead generation will not be effective.

Attraction – The channels you select are critical because if they don’t open up the mail or answer the phone or see the message, you have failed. Our job is to share our experience as to which channels work best so you don’t waste money.

Cost – The most efficient media will give you the most leads at the lowest cost per lead. The most effective content will give you the highest qualified leads.

How We Assist You to Create a Powerful
Lead Generation System:

Phase I: Lead Generation Research

  • Identify people who need what you offer – the demographics and psychographics as well as the market grid.
  • Select the media they most likely go to for information.
  • Define the differentiation in your brand.
  • Develop the headline and content that will create an instant connection.
  • Define the logic and emotional content that will keep the prospect interest high. We use words that are self evident; something the prospect knows is true.
  • Provide evidence in believable data from credible sources.
  • Provide testimonials.

Phase II: Lead Generation Systemization

  • Identify the lead generation tactics to be measured.
  • Establish a lead generation report structure.
  • Create a system to collect data.
  • Design the management report.
  • Create systems for producing the management report.

Phase III: Lead Generation Responsibilities

  • Create an organizational chart to implement the tasks outlined in the lead generation strategy, including outsourcing.
  • Break down functions into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that need to be accomplished to achieve your objective.
  • Review the lead generation performance goal versus actual weekly and discuss what didn’t work.
  • Build high performance lead generation through change driven by data analysis.
  • Measure total market share gain after one year of systems implementation and innovation.

Learn More on How to Expand Market Share

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