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business process mapping

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Business Process Mapping: Capturing The Real Value Of Your Business

You Cannot Sell, Grow, Or Increase Profit Without Business Process Mapping 

If you have read any of my material in the past, you would know process mapping is critical to growing any business.  You simply cannot sell a business or grow a business if all of the tasks you do within your business is in your head.  I cannot stress enough the importance of process mapping or documenting workflows and how these help successful businesses large and small.

What Is Process Mapping?

Simply put, it is getting what is in your head (or employee's heads) on paper.  You have systems that you use everyday, they may simply not be written.  In this article we will look at what process maps and workflows diagramming is all about. 

Process Maps Don't Have To Be Complicated

Process mapping does not have to be complicated but it does need to be thorough. Having your processes stored in your head may have worked fine for all these past years but the new owners or new managers of your business can’t pick your memory whenever they have a question.

business-process-mapping-example-gary-holt-management-marketing-consulting-servicesIt’s these pieces of information that are the real value of your business; the reason your business succeeded and grew and it is why they wanted your business in the first place.

Without these steps you would just have a building, some parts, some tools, some existing customers, maybe even some name that sits on the building or letterhead. You need to get this information into a process map. 

Identify Your Critical Steps

Process Maps or flowcharting can be complex but in its simplest form the map should point out the critical steps in a process. Let’s look at the example of manufacturing a widget. The key steps should be present from the initial decision to make the widget until the end step of sending it out complete.


Build On The Process If It Is Too Vague

If you or your employees look at the steps and decide that the process or step is vague or needs clarification, add the information and details to make it complete. If the step does not add any value to the process, remove it. The goal is to have every important step documented so that anyone can follow the procedure to make the widget.

The More Business Process Mapping You Complete, The Sooner You Can Hand Off Decisions

The ability for anyone to make the decisions is important because you just captured the expertise and value of a very experienced worker or yourself in one of these steps.

Now anyone can make decisions in the widget process and free you or the experienced employee for work of higher value. 

Bonus Tip - You can add even more value by gathering data on how those processes are working so that there can be improvement decisions made in the workflow map).

It Doesn't Matter If You Want To Grow, Sell, Pass On To The Next Generation...

You have to document your processes.  That is the only way to replace yourself or position employees for more important work to grow.  This was a simple example of manufacturing a simple product.

But knowing that anyone can make the decisions in the process responsibly and knowledgeably because you have captured the essence of what needs to be done is the value of Process Mapping and Workflows.

Not Sure If Process Mapping Is Right For Your Company? 

One of the greatest values we can provide business owners is utilizing our experts from around the world to remotely document your processes.  All we need it access to the people, we will get it documented. 

Getting this done internally is typically impossible for most businesses or their employees.  If you want to get your business documented, book a call with me, Gary Holt. 

Click Here To Book A Call With Gary Holt


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