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business valuation methods, Company Value

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Become the Master of your Business Valuation!

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Two Essential Methods for Building a Sustainable and Saleable Company

LOOK HERE, no one knows exactly what your business is worth, including your accountant, your CFO, and yourself. The truth is, it’s really only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. However, you do have control over the key aspects of your business that determine its value and generate the highest purchase offers.

We’ve found that most companies waste valuable time, money, and resources working on the wrong areas of the business, hindering productivity, growth, and valuation.

What we have to offer you is not just some flash in the pan opportunity – it’s two, real-world business methodologies that provide long-term financial benefits. While managing and consulting over 200 businesses and owners for the last 33 years, we have come to realize that all successful businesses operate in accordance with specific rules, practices and standards that we have incorporated into our Entrepreneur Training Products. Our products have been proven to work for every type of business - no matter what the industry, a business is a business.

Over the past three decades we have helped hundreds of owners, managers, and sales people recognize new opportunities through training, coaching, motivating, documenting and innovating systems, utilizing a business development process we call “The Perpetual Entrepreneur” Program. The Perpetual Entrepreneur Program was developed to train people in the skills that are essential to the creation of a sustainable business in a fast changing world, provided you are willing to learn how.

What makes our program so powerful and uniquely effective, is that it focuses on improving areas of the business that have the most impact on profitability, growth, and valuation. We evaluate your performance in those key areas of the business and establish and implement measurable actions to improve them.

When our clients implement the Entrepreneur Rules of the game, their business growth accelerates and their valuation goes up. Also, our training materials and coaching services provide you and your employees with the tools; the insight; the systems; and the score cards you need to integrate everything you do into a continuous improvement strategy, making entrepreneurship a way of life for your business. And once entrepreneurship is instilled in your company and embraced by your employees, the more productive, profitable and sustainable your business will become.

The Perpetual Entrepreneur covers the skills required to execute and innovate the systems of the business and covers the eight measurable areas that impact the value and sustainability of the company.

Part one is about identifying and overcoming the barriers and obstacles to profitable growth, and part two is about measuring the results of your actions. Part one includes systemizing the Key Functions of Leadership; Management; Marketing/Lead Generation; Sales/Prospecting; Operations; and Finance to effectively turnkey the business, so it can run itself.

Part two focuses on improving the eight key areas of the business that investors analyze to determine the value of a company. These areas include: Financial Performance; Growth Potential; Recurring Revenue; Switzerland Structure; Valuation Teeter Totter; Monopoly Control; Customer Satisfaction; and Hub & Spoke.

These methods can turn your company into a productive, profitable, and sustainable business that can literally run itself and eventually be sold for 7 times EBITDA, or more.

Contact us TODAY to see how we can help you become the Master of your Business Valuation.

Just so you know, our process is simple! When we meet with you we will conduct a quick needs analysis, discuss the products and/or services that would best fit your specific situation and give you a FREE written quote.

Just as simple, for more information or to schedule a FREE assessment, either call or email:

            Rich Droste @ 1-989-791-2475, Ext. 14 or rich@marketingholt.com


            Gary Holt @ 1-989-791-2475, Ext. 13 or gary@marketingholt.com

Either of us will find out what you want, make recommendations, then step back and let you decide. It will be our honor to add you to our list of 200 satisfied customers!

Topics:   business valuation methods, Company Value

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