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7 Things To Do Before Signing The Letter Of Intent Infographic

All too often I here from business owners who regret selling their business.  Selling a business should be the celebration of building something great, then getting rewarded for it.  However, in my ...
Picture of Gary Holt Gary Holt 4 Min Read
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10 Ideas You Can Do Now To Increase The Profits In Your Business

Finding more profit in your business can be a real challenge.  Knowing what to do or what not to do often times leaves you with more choices than answers.  Here is a down and dirty list of ideas that ...
Picture of Gary Holt Gary Holt 9 Min Read
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How To Avoid The #1 Biggest Mistake Business Owners Make When Selling

The Definition Of A Proprietary Deal One of the biggest mistakes owners make in selling their company is being lured into a proprietary deal.  
Picture of Gary Holt Gary Holt 9 Min Read
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Exit Strategy Series Wrap Up: Gain Your Business Independence

Strive for Business Independence Whether retirement is just around the corner or on the horizon, you have dreams for how it will be spent. Maybe you want to gradually reduce hours in the office or ...

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