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What Your Construction Project Manager Needs for Goal Alignment

As a Project Manager, you carry the weight of the Company on your shoulders. You are responsible for creating clear, attainable objectives and building the requirements for each project. Once you ...
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Click Here to Make Your Job Easier!

Your job is harder than mine. Although I am a CEO, responsible for daily operations for both my own business and that of my clients, this statement still has the potential for truth due to the ...
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Coaching- Putting the Power into Leadership

The last series of articles has talked about Change Management and how important it is to have employees on board with your businesses plan. Unfortunately, that can sometimes not be the case and how ...
Picture of Gary Holt Gary Holt 4 Min Read
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Documenting Workflows and Procedures = Time Off

In the previous chapters we have discussed what documenting workflows and processes are about and why they are used by various sizes and types of companies. We discussed one of the best positive ...
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Risk Aversion- Preventing Loss by Having Workflows Documented

Another benefit of having your workflows documented and committed to being followed is more than just profitability it's peace of mind. Knowing that the day when a client or government agency comes ...
Picture of Gary Holt Gary Holt 7 Min Read
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The Personal Side of Change Influence

One often finds that even after successfully implementing process maps and workflows that there are still obstacles in the way of their operations. Since the work already done was a systematic ...
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